Our standard production time is 2-3 weeks (for each dome) after receipt of a 50% deposit. We always try to work as fast as possible to meet customer deadlines, however, please note that orders placed with expedited delivery incur an additional 15% charge. 

Our tents come equipped with installation vents for climate control systems. Although any modern heating system will work with Polidomes geodesic tents, for smaller tents (up to 75 sqm) Polidomes has electric heaters available which are the most common solution. Common oil burning units are popular for larger structures (110 sqm and larger).

Yes of course. Each of Polidomes geodome come equipped with vent openings that allow for installation of heating and cooling systems. Evaporative coolers are usually chosen for larger tents.

We are able to customize Polidomes geodomes to connect directly to any necessary utilities (water, gas, electricity, etc.), depending on customer requirements and requests.

Of course! We specialize in fulfilling custom special orders such as the many different ones that you can see on our Projects and photo pages. Our design and planning department will help you create  your own dream geodome (including 3-D renditions of what the final product will look like). Our engineering and manufacturing department will make sure your geodome tent will come out exactly as you had planned. You dream it and we will build it!

Assembly and disassembly of our geodomes depend on the size of the dome. Disassembly takes slightly less time than assembly. Please bear in mind that large domes may also require extra equipment such as a fork-lift or crane. The following are the average construction times for Polidomes different size geodesic structures (the model number indicates the approximate size of the tent floor surface in square meters):  P-30  – 3 people – 3 hours;  P50 – 4 people – 4 hours; P75 – 4 people – 5 hours; P110 – 6 people – 7 hours; P150 – 7 people – 8 hours; P300 – 10 people – 14 hours; P500 – 10 people – 15 hours; P700 – 10 people – 20 hours.

To state it simply, a geodesic dome is essentially half of a sphere used to enclose a space. Geodesic domes were popularized by the futurist and inventor Buckminster Fuller. Geodesic domes are especially well-known for their incredible strength, dynamic atmosphere and use of minimal amount of materials for their construction. They have many numerous purposes and are commonly used for outdoor events, greenhouses, temporary structures, trade fairs, festivals and exhibitions.

The main issue when choosing a geodome material is the lifespan of the material. The two most common causes of deterioration of the cover are UV radiation and mildew which our covers are resistant to. If you live in a dry area with a high UV index, we recommend our dedicated covers, which reflects heat and UV rays from the dome and significantly increases its service life. We are constantly on the lookout for any developments or advancements in cover material to assure our covers are of the highest quality available. We currently use Mehler Texnologies Opak polymer material which is known as the brand leader worldwide.

We can offer a variety of types of covers for different purposes, although Mehler Texnologies Opak polymer material is usually the choice for most tents we construct as it is built to last. Some of our earliest domes constructed nearly ten years ago still look great. The material has an extremely high tensile and tear strength and  is crack-proof, water-proof, UV and fire resistant. The material is composed of fiberglass thread with an acrylic lacquer finish on both sides, which provides protection against microbial and fungal attack. This makes the material perfect, regardless of the climate. The material is built to withstand temperatures as low as -40 °C and as high as +70 °C. 

Of course! Normally we use Mehler Texnologies Poly Opak 8596 polymer, with a weight of 800 g/ متر مربع. The insulation is made of 10 cm fiberglass, which covers the sheathing on both sides.

The entire framework structure of our geodesic tents is made of steel pipes, which have been  hot-dip galvanized inside and out to prevent corrosion and rust. The framework pipes can also be powder coated in any RAL color (standard color white). 

The terms of payment are a 50% deposit upon placing the order, with payment of the remainder of the price usually 7 days before shipment.

There are innumerable ways to use the space inside a geodome and how it can be divided. Temporary or traditional walls can easily be erected inside the dome. All walls and partitions should be freestanding and self-supporting. 

Of course! Interchangeable covers are available for both standard and custom tents we have produced. We also offer covers which can be designed with a replaceable front entry which means you can have interchangeable options for the front of the tent.

Polidomes has its own ideal floor system! Polidomes floors reflect the spherical shape of the structure. The floor also acts as a ballast system for the dome and reduces the extra weight needed to secure the structure. Polidomes water ballast system provides the ideal solution for a solid weight foundation which is hidden underneath the flooring. Polidomes geodomes can also be equipped with modular flooring – a hexagonal connecting tile system made from hard HDPE plastic. This system is ideal for domes set on flat, horizontal surfaces, where it’s not necessary to level the floor. The advantage of this type of flooring is its light weight, fast installation and small shipping size. We highly recommend the Premium Polidomes Flooring for our domes.

Polidomes geodomes are completely water resistant as well as seamless due to high frequency welding. A secured dome is able to withstand wind gusts of up to 120 km/h. Each Polidomes dome also includes an opening (standard) allowing for the installation of heating and cooling systems.

Naturally, the size and weight of the shipment depends on the size of the tent and any added additional equipment. Please contact our representative for precise information about the weight of your order.

Of course! Our smaller models of tents can easily be assembled by an amateur crew of 2 to 4 persons in a matter of hours. Tents come with full instructions and a how-to video. This is one of the beauties of geodesic tents – their simplicity and ease of assembly, which makes disassembly, transport, reassembly or storing incredibly easy. Large model tents may need extra equipment for assembly such as a forklift or crane or the help of our expert crew.

We offer a full 2-year warranty on tent covers and  5-year warranty on the steel tent structure.

Sorry, but to assure a perfect fit, we only make custom covers for dome frameworks we have produced ourselves. Each dome tent has specific sizes strut sizes and entrances which effects the fit of the cover. We recommend you trust the professionals and buy the whole set.

Domes we built nearly ten years ago are still looking great! We use only the highest quality materials for our covers with high tensile strength. The material is seamless seal-welded,  tear resistant, crack-proof, water and fire resistant as well as being microbe and fungal resistant – basically it is built to last. The framework is made of hot-dipped steel, galvanized inside and out.

Accidents can happen. Should you have any trouble, we offer a wide range of services related to the production, repair, cleaning and replacement of tent covers we produce.

The possibilities are limitless! A look through our Projects page will give you a look at some of the creative ideas we have helped realize for our many customers. Our tents are used for art, nature and yoga retreats – nursery and experimental schools – museums, observation stations, planetariums, interactive full dome projections events, for hotels, for glamping and events of all purposes, among others. Smaller tents can be used in the garden as a greenhouse or little backyard get-away. Our tents are used for all purposes regarding promotion and marketing for those who want to stand out –-  simply put, domes draw attention – people become more open and receptive when they enter a dome – more happy!  With personal branding or artwork your customized tent will leave a lasting impression. Our motto is “You dream it and we will build it!”. 

Of course! Polidomes geodomes may be combined using tunnels of any length to connect domes of any sizes. Tunnels provide the perfect solution for extra rooms. We can also design the tunnels in a unique way so that domes can also be connected to buildings,  marquees or other structures or spaces. Domes connected to form a mini-village are not only futuristic looking – they are simply awesome!

We offer high-quality permanent cover printing as well as removable decals of your own branding or company logo which can be placed on any part of the tent cover. We can also provide a full 3D visualization of your tent together with the artwork before ordering. 

Polidomes International offers full support for installation, as well as two options of partial service to help you with dome assembly. There options are: 

Option 1.) Polidomes International comes to the event site and provides the crew and equipment necessary for installation of the geodome. The Polidomes team will take care of all needed steps required to fully assemble the tent. The average Polidomes team assembly time is around twice as fast as assembly by an inexperienced team. 

Option 2.) Polidomes International sends a Polidomes senior assembly crew manager to lead and supervise the local assembly crew. This is the most economical solution and good solution for training your own team in case of purchasing the dome. This way next time you can do it independently. As a customer, you are responsible for providing a suitable crew as well as the equipment recommended by Polidomes International (the needed tool list will be sent after signing an agreement). 

Option 3.) Polidomes International prepares and transports the Polidomes geodome to your location together with a video tutorial and assembly instructions and your crew handles assembly and disassembly. This option limits the Polidomes guarantee and waives Polidomes of any liability. Should you decide to assemble your dome on your own and need any assistance, our service crew is available to help by phone at each stage of the project

For assembly of a Polidomes P30 or P75, a forklift is required.
For the P110 and P150 tents, a forklift and a Manitou 16m Telehandler are required.
For P300, P500, and P700 tents, you will need a crane of appropriate size as well as a forklift.

Yes of course! We rent geodomes of all sizes and for all purposes. Our domes are the ideal solution for a temporary structure to host parties, weddings, fairs, corporate events, festivals and all kinds of outdoor or even indoor events. We have completed projects worldwide and have experienced and competent crews to help in the assembly and disassembly of tents. We are there to make your event a success. For information on product availability please contact us directly.

The standard production process takes 1-2 weeks, after payment of  a 50% deposit. Custom structures require 3-4 weeks.